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Linear City.

Linear City.  Again!  A concept that purports to solve the human problem.  The human problem is that we impact negatively on nature, on our world and on our own prospects for survival.  The problem solved is very clearly that we live with nature and not in control, for if anything of the past year has…
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Linear or Circular

Linear or Circular. A linear economy is a straight line where that discarded is forgotten, an economy where consumerism is a requirement.  Products (often including buildings) are produced with a built-in obsolescence and/or an absence of durability that require them to replaced.  We are familiar with the requirement to repurpose old buildings, which when new…
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Questions relating to timber buildings.

Ask the simple question but do not seek only the simple answer.  The simple answers below are in italic and relate to the more complete answers above. Is planning permission needed for a timber building? Whether a building requires planning permission or not depends on the location, size and use to which it is to…
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How to choose an architect.

Methods for choosing an architect for a project vary considerably.  Throwing a dart at a map or flicking through the web, phoning the R.I.A.I. (Royal institute of the Architects of Ireland) or by listening the friends who themselves have gone through the process.  All are valid to some degree, but whether you wish for the…
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