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Building Control

There has bee much debate relating to the BCMS (Building Control Management System) as recently introduced in legislation. As a result of the apparently onerous nature of these regulations it is being proposed that smaller developments, single houses and domestic extensions be removed from the requirements of these acts. It should be highlighted that the…
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Guide to Project Management responsibilities

The process. Fifteen tests with fifteen possible results, or diagnoses. Anything other than what is anticipated and the system stops. There are two outcomes to the system stopping, one is that a new or revised system is adopted, the other is that it simply stops and there is no outcome. Which of the above relates…
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Building costs.

We are emerging it appears from a fiscally dull period and into a new era. We hope! The time when providing favours to those seeking work has in Dublin at least passed. By this I mean attitudes that I’ve witnessed in people who apparently expect services or works to be carried out below cost as…
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Water charges and use.

The average Irish adult uses about 150 litres of water per day at home. 150 litres per person equals about 600 litres for a household of four persons, or about 220,000 litres each year. Ok, that’s average! What can we do? As architects we can ensure that new developments or renovations use taps and…
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