Passive Energy Building

Passive energy buildings are building that use extremely low levels of energy in operating and facilitating a comfortable interior environment. Our policy on energy conservation is to provide advice on options available to cater for a wide range of budgets. We also coordinate projects in order to achieve the highest levels of energy conservation through both passive means and active participation of our clients. This is achieved through both technology and training.

David Moran developed a keen interest in energy conservation and ‘green’ technologies in the 1970s and participates regularily in imparting his extensive knowledge in both informal and formal settings.

We have worked on upgrading building with regard to both the character and beauty of buildings while achieving the highest level of performance related results. This is augmented by training in operating and management techniques that have proven highly valuable to our clients.

We constantly strive to improve our service and have been involved in research and development of both passive and active energy conservation innovations.